Why the Microsoft MVP program is broken

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional – a title which so many people want, desire and which once was a synonym of great technical expertise, but now… Times have changed, things have changed and so did the program and people in it, and finally how Microsoft hands out the reward. Here is... [Read More]
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Architect or not an Architect - that is the question

Architects… architects everywhere! The amount of job offers and people with this title is booming. The question is why and for what reason? I will try to go through some of the most common sins which can be found in the current market as this non-sense is getting out of... [Read More]
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Azure Training Day - join me

Microsoft Tech Series is coming back and this time with a lot hands-on learning from various Microsoft technologies. [Read More]
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Microsoft Tech Series 2019 Warsaw - recap

Just came back from Build 2019 and it was already time to attend another event. This time it was Microsoft Tech Series 2019 here in Warsaw. Let’s see what happened during this event. [Read More]
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Microsoft Build 2019 recap

Microsoft Build 2019 is over! It has been a good conference. It had it’s upsides and flaws and being on the floor of the conference here is my short (hopefully) recap of what I have seen, what I recommend and not recommend to watch :) [Read More]
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DJ TWW - House Mix #01

It’s Easter time so I’ve prepared a short mix for You to put on in your car, headphones wile traveling between Easter meetings and events! :) [Read More]
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[How-to] Check VMs for Azure Hybrid Benefit in Azure Portal

Case Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHUB) is a great option when you have already bought licenses from Microsoft and you would like to use them to lower you Windows Server costs in Azure. But what if you have a lot of Virtual Machines and you need to quickly check which of... [Read More]
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AzureDay Poland 2019 - organizer summary

It is done! AzureDay Poland 2019 has come to an end! It has been an amazing experience and a great conference so it’s to time to write a small summary but from one of the organizers perspective and point of view :) [Read More]
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Blog - the new beginning

Long time no see - as they say! I was running a blog more or less for many many years. Sometimes posted more, sometimes less. Some of the post got supper popular like the one when I described how to configure a wireless router with polish ISPs. Technologies changed, life... [Read More]
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