Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHUB) is a great option when you have already bought licenses from Microsoft and you would like to use them to lower you Windows Server costs in Azure. But what if you have a lot of Virtual Machines and you need to quickly check which of them have AHUB enabled? You can come up with a PowerShell script or you can use the good, old Azure Portal :)


There is a pretty simple way to do this in the portal without the need of going into every VM separately.

  1. The first thing you need to do is open the Virtual Machines blade in the Azure Portal by clicking on the “Virtual Machines” option in the menu on the left

  2. Then on the blade which opens select “Edit columns”

  3. In the list of available columns look for “Azure hybrid benefit” and move to the right side and set in the place you would like it to appear

  4. This will display this column in the list of VMs with indication if you have AHUB Enabled, Not enabled or it’s Not supported

And that is it - a simple way to quickly see which of your VMs have AHUB and which don’t.