It is done!

AzureDay Poland 2019 has come to an end! It has been an amazing experience and a great conference so it’s to time to write a small summary but from one of the organizers perspective and point of view :)

The organization

First of all I would like to say a BIG “thank you” to my colleagues with whom I had a great pleasure to create this event (no particular order ;) ): Emil, Michał, Łukasz, Marek and Kamil!

The process lasted for many weeks, we had a pretty well defined set or responsibilities and tasks divided amongst us to get this going. And those calls on Microsoft Teams which were supposed to last for an hour and ended up being 3.5 hours as so many things needed to be addressed and so much… liquid had to be consumed are worth remembering ;)

Many times it was not easy to come to an agreement amongst 6 strong and opinionated personalities but somehow we managed to do this!

The event

The conference itself turned out very well! With over 300 attendees , almost 100 staff and speakers we had 400 people in the venue. The whole day wasn’t easy for us as from the beginning there were a lot of things which shouldn’t have happened and needed immediate attention and resolving. But in the end everything turned out very well and we had a lot of positive feedback! Of course we also got a lot of comments in various areas but we have learned our lessons for the future and the next edition will for sure incorporate what we have learned and heard.

The speakers

Organizers are of course important but are not the essential part of the conference. People who make the conference a time worth investment are the speakers and we had a great lineup of very experienced speakers: MVPs, trainers, Microsoft employees, less experienced speakers and all of them provided various sessions on different levels. It’s very hard to curate content which will please over 300 people but we tried our best to pick those sessions from the C4P (call for papers) we had before the conference which would fit the biggest are of current interest on the Azure market.

The staff

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the great team we had to facilitate the whole event, help with registration, help attendees with various issues and problems so again BIG “thank you” to the whole team!

The future

As mentioned before - we learned our lessons, we know what needs to be improved and the next time it will be even better!

Now it’s time for another great community event which is Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 which will take place on the 27th of April all around the world!