Long time no see - as they say!

I was running a blog more or less for many many years. Sometimes posted more, sometimes less. Some of the post got supper popular like the one when I described how to configure a wireless router with polish ISPs. Technologies changed, life changed so now it’s also time for a change in the blog! :)

The old

The old blog was a bit separated. I had a blog http://tomaszwisniewski.com which was hosted in one of our local polish hosting companies. Then a second blogger was created - http://azure.tomaszwisniewski.com - to facilitate all of my endeavor’s with Microsoft Azure. Was that a good idea? In some sense yes, in some not.

Both of the blogs were hosted on WordPress with MySQL - as mentioned the first one in local hosting company and the second one to make it a “true” Azure blog was hosted on and Azure subscription.

But now it’s time for something new…

The new

I have decided to migrate the blog itself and the engine to much simpler solution which I think is pretty standard in todays world :)

  • First of all I have decided to host the blog on GitHub Pages. Super simple, easy to use and you have it for free with your GitHub account. I thought about hosting it on Azure Storage with static website support but Microsoft bought GitHub so anyway you can say that the site stays in the ecosystem ;)
  • As for the engine goes there was some debate and thoughts about it but I have ended up with jekyll as my site engine of choice.
  • And finally for the environment which I prefer to use while maintaining this blog is of course everybody’s favorite - Visual Studio Code!

As always - this blog will remain tech-focused with maybe some additions of other stuff but I’ll see how it goes and what people like to read more on the blog.

So with that please subscribe, follow on social media to get all the updates and let’s to some cool stuff! :)